Shri Acharya ji

Acharya Mrityunjay Mishra

Shri Acharya ji

।। श्री गणेशाय नमः ।।

About us– Jyotishadhaytmakendra is astrological Spiritual organisation and it is dedicated towards astrological and spiritual awareness and also activity in growing no’s of people seeking spiritual guidance and support. JAK iscoinciding with its ongoing spiritual programmes and involve TO TEACH AND SPREAD THE TRUE ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE VEDAS in the simplest form, and to guide and inspire seekers to attain their true goal of God-realisation as well as to operate Problems related to people and maintain their condition expertly

Shri Acharya ji – Devotion for God and mankind for awareness of people towards Veds our Spirituals,his mission of life , why we need this all .. Shri Acharyaji is one of that divine personality who deals with all of this for people also helping them by astrological solutions for their goodness. He is also an Astrological guide for your life and career.

A brief Introduction – Shri Acharya ji is made unceasing efforts to reveal the true philosophy from the Vedesby chanting his guru Jagatguru Shri Kripalujimaharaj form a long time and get inspired by him.

Shri Acharyaji has decided to devote his life to Shri Maharajiand only for the love of Shri Radha Krishna which he want to make realized to people to also devote their life in Bhakti and be only follower of shri Radha Krishna . Taking this aim, he is struggling in his life. Time to time he held some PravachanShrinkhala and also take orders for further His motto is only to achieve Bhakti towards God.

Shri Acharyaji‘ s Life History – His Birth

Shri Acharya ji has been born in a small village called Saraiya , in Aurangabad, India on the auspicious day of PhagunKrishnapaksh Navami in February 1971 in Sakaldwipi brahmin family . His Mother Shri Shiv kumari and Father Shri Rajendra mishra named him Mrityunjay at birth . Her mother and father both having great knowledge about vedPuranupnishad .

His Childhood - He spend his childhood very joyful bt at the same time he was also very good in studies always comes top in class all teachers love him and very happy of his behaviour as he was very meritorious student of his lifetime he used to start reading Ramayana Geeta at very small age and used to hear a spiritual stories from her mother. He followed a stickled religious atmosphere at home from birth and love to worship daily at small age.

His Studies – He completed his from Jyotishacharya from Nalanda Open University , as he was mostly interested in predictions and he make Jyotish only for his being .

His Life – He got married in very young age of 21. He is having a sweet family of 3 kids and wife , whole of his family is devoted and work together in his spiritual activity. He started doing Astrology from since last 23 years and Started Attending Spiritual Lectures at the age of 30. After he got the Path of Divine love of Shri Radha Krishna in a handle of Shri JagadguruKripalu ji Maharaj , He started to held Pravachana time to time to devote his life in Bhakti Marg suggested by Shri Maharaji .

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